A 56-year-old Jasper County native passed away Thursday, August 10th due to complications from eating contaminated raw oysters.  

According to a Facebook posting, Jane White Cunningham of Buna was on a birthday vacation to Mississippi where she contracted a bacterial infection, the result of eating raw oysters.

A CBS News article reported that the 'vibrio' is the bacteria in question.  Vibrio naturally live in certain coastal waters and are present in higher concentrations when water temperatures are warmer.  Persons contracting this bacteria usually exhibit symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting.  People with mild cases of vibrio infection (vibriosis) usually recover in about 3 days, however, persons with compromised immune systems can experience more serious infections.  Cunningham had been battling leukemia for the past year.

Our prayers go out to family and friends of Jane White Cunningham and we hope that she finds peace in the arms of God.

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