Every Friday there’s a piece of movie news legitimately worthy of a big TGIF: Today, that news is that Margot Robbie is in talks to play Barbie in the live-action movie of the same name, inspired by the iconic Mattel doll. Even better news: Patty Jenkins, the director who breathed new, glorious life into the DCEU with Wonder Woman, is in early talks to direct it.

THR reports that Robbie has her sights set on becoming Barbie for the long-developing live-action film based on Mattel’s prolific line of dolls. Barbie was previously in the works at Sony as a self-aware and somewhat edgier comedy with Amy Schumer set to star at one point (Anne Hathaway was briefly attached after Schumer dropped out).

But the rights to Barbie lapsed and reverted back to Mattel after a lengthy development process, and the film is now expected to head into production at Warner Bros. Enter Robbie, who is set to reprise her role as DC’s Harley Quinn in the studio’s upcoming Birds of Prey movie, which she’s also producing. Jenkins has similarly become an asset for WB, which has been struggling to build a successful DC Universe. The Wonder Woman filmmaker is currently in production on the sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, which will likely follow in its predecessor’s footsteps at the box office.

Robbie definitely looks the part of Barbie, but the prior script centered on a Barbie who was more unconventional, making her something of a black sheep in the Barbie world. It’s unclear if WB is still planning on using this story idea, but the potential combo of Robbie and Jenkins feels like a formula for massive success — if they can nail the story and tone. And after Jenkins delivered the goods with Wonder Woman, I have all the confidence in the world in whatever she does next, even if it is a movie about a friggin’ doll.

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