Jessie James Decker has plenty of experience letting it all hang out to the public in her role as a reality show star. However, when the singer-actress posted a recent shot to Instagram breastfeeding her infant son Forres t— while also enjoying what appears to be a glass of wine — fan reaction was swift and highly critical.

"Cheers b--ches," Decker captioned the photo, making a peace sign and a puckered-kiss face. In addition to criticism regarding the risks of drinking while breastfeeding, the photo partially exposes her nursing breast, and also invited a pile-on regarding the mixed opinions regarding modesty in this arena.

Negative comments centered on concern for Forrest's health: “Drinking is never OK when you’re breastfeeding," and "Everything you put in your mouth goes to the baby,” were common themes.

Those finding the photo to be too revealing added their own thoughts on the matter, with many saying that breastfeeding is not shameful, but noted, "Why is this private moment so necessary to share with the whole world?”

Decker did have her share of supporters, including fellow mom Jamie Lynn Spears, who commented, “mom goals"; as well as a slate of everyday moms who scoffed at the idea that a single drink could do much harm.

"If you can drive you can nurse," noted one fan. Many others pointed toward the guidelines set by La Leche League, which provides extensive research on the subject and a general consensus that occasional maternal drinking is not likely to cause harm to an otherwise healthy breastfeeding infant. (Of course, it's always advisable for any nursing mother to receive guidance from a doctor first.)

At any rate, Decker is no newbie to the mom gig. She's also mom to daughter Vivianne (4) and son Eric Jr. (2). Baby Forrest was born on March 31, and Decker has shared other candid breastfeeding moments with him as well on social media.

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