Kassi Ashton's brazen "Taxidermy" proves she's not afraid to be herself.

Ashton lets the viewer know up front that this video — an acoustic cut — is raw and unedited. Standing in a white dress in front of a bright white background, it's just the country singer, her band, a microphone and her killer voice. Ashton owns the song with her authenticity.

The singer and her team were initially planning to add effects, make edits and color correct the video. But she decided "it should be honest," letting the song dominate the video, just as it was cut. The unedited version shows off the raw soul in her voice, with Ashton embodying all the strength and confidence the song exudes in lyrics "You'll be my taxidermy, taxidermy / I keep you hanging on a bedroom wall / Don't gotta say a word baby, I don't mind / I'll keep you dusted off, keep you looking alive / You'll be my taxidermy, taxidermy / If you ever hurt me again."

The newcomer launched on to the country scene with her first song shared,  "California, Missouri," and her bold nature and steadfast lyrics have made her a force to be reckoned as she makes herself known. She's also featured on Keith Urban's Graffiti U album on a track called "Drop Top."

"I’m not trying to fit a mold," Ashton describes of her artistry. "I’m trying to make a mold of myself that other people can slip into."

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