Justin Moore is the proud father of four, and while it's too soon to tell if his newborn son, South, will take after him with a talent for music, he's certain his daughters won't be embracing the spotlight anytime soon. In an interview with his label, Big Machine Label Group, the "Somebody Else Will" singer says that while he's brought his daughters onto the stage with him in the past, it wasn't always an easy task.

“I have to coerce them into doing it," he admits. "They don’t like doing it. My oldest daughter is actually a really, really good singer, if I could get her to actually sing. But they get a little gun shy when we go out on stage.”

Justin Moore Can't Wait to Teach His Son a Few Things ... 

Moore and his wife, Kate, welcomed a baby boy into the world on June 11. Thomas South Moore is the couple’s first son after three daughters. A photo Moore posted to Instagram on July 11 gives fans a good look at the newborn’s face and dark hair as Kate (presumably) cradles him in her hands.

In another picture, Moore’s three daughters, Ella Kole, 7, Kennedy Faye, 5, and Rebecca Klein, who is almost 3, and newborn son are seated together on a picnic bench. “Can’t beat this,” the singer says.

“You realize real quick when you have kids, and I know other people out there listening to this know what I’m talking about. If you have kids, you realize real quick that you really don’t matter, especially as much as you thought you did. All that matters is them,” Moore says in another interview with his label, Big Machine Label Group.

“It’s important to me and always has been that I be a good parent and be a good role model for them,” he says of his kids. “I have the perfect mom and dad and I want to make them proud, you know, I want to make my wife proud. If somebody could watch me all the time, I want them to be proud of what they’re watching.”

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