What's remarkable about Justin Moore's "Why We Drink" isn't the 25 reasons he finds to crack a cold beer. It's that he fit so many into his melody and made it all rhyme.

"Sundown" and "unwound" rhyme only because Moore's Arkansas twang wills them together. Same with "team won" and "Sweet Home Alabama just came on." The structure of "Why We Drink" is rigid, meaning Moore and co-writers Casey Beathard, David Lee Murphy and Jeremy Stover didn't have to deviate from an established pattern to fill the song with universal drinking axioms, but a box is easier to build than it is to fill. Think of writing this song like packing the family sedan for a week's vacation: There's an art to it. Should one piece be turned sideways, the trunk will never close, so to speak.

At its core, "Why We Drink" is an easy-to-understand, rowdy drinking song recorded with Moore's live show in mind. Audiences will all to easily shout the words back to him while he's out with Tracy Lawrence in 2020 and beyond. Measure the song's success not in chart-ranking or single sales, but beers hoisted nightly.

Did You Know? Justin Moore says his mother inspired his song "Why We Drink." No joke! See below for the video.

Justin Moore Talks About His New Song "Why We Drink" 

Justin Moore's "Why We Drink" Lyrics:

Cause it's Friday / 'Cause it's Monday / 'Cause it's a charcoal burnin' Sunday / 'Cause we ain't gonna get to one day / That's why we drink.

'Cause the sun's up / 'Cause it's sundown / 'Cause my wound up needs a little unwound / 'Cause we've been workin' all day but we're done now / Yeah, that's why we drink.

'Cause they're ice cold / 'Cause it's hot out / 'Cause we're Jon boat sittin' with a line out / 'Cause we're a little messed up, but it's cheaper than a danged old shrink / 'Cause we're grown up / 'Cause we're still kids / 'Cause we love doin' things 'cause our daddies did / 'Cause it's alcohol abuse if you pour one down the sink / Yeah, that's why we drink.

'Cause our team lost / 'Cause our team won / 'Cause "Sweet Home Alabama" just came on / 'Cause we're lookin' for a reason to raise one / Yeah, that's why we drink.

Repeat Chorus

To good friends, good times, you and me / To the red, white and blue boys and girls overseas.

Repeat Chorus

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