This country cutie always comes out with catchy hits, so it is no surprise that his new single is already rising on the charts.

This fun song about a summer romance is the perfect mix that makes your heart smile, with a chorus that reads:

“It’s gonna be a long, hot summer / We should be together with your feet up on the dashboard now / Singing along with the radio — it’s such a beautiful sound / And when you say my name in the middle of the day / I swear I see the stars come out / When you hold my hand in the back of my mind / I’m just waiting on the sun to go down / The sun to go down.”

Urban is best when he rides the edges of his emotions. When he hurts, he really hurts, and when he’s happy, he’s very happy. We find the more jovial Keith Urban in ‘Long Hot Summer.’ It’s a performance that only the grouchiest of grouchies can frown on.

Here's the song! What do you think of it?



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