Kelly Clarkson has never shied away from covering fellow singers' classic hits. This time around, she slays a Bonnie Raitt classic, "Something to Talk About" during the "Kellyoke" segment of her talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Clarkson amped up the already infectious soul vibe in the song to an 11, and completed the performance with a full backing band and stellar vocal harmonies. By the time she concluded, the crowd had risen to their feet and were clapping in time with the music.

"Something to Talk About" was a monumental song for Raitt when it was released in 1991. The lead single from Raitt's 11th studio album, Luck of the Draw, was a huge success for the singer commercially and critically. "Something to Talk About" peaked at No. 5 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary Chart and the all-genre Hot 100 chart, as well as No. 12 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart. The song also earned Raitt a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

"Something to Talk About" serves as the latest high-profile cover Clarkson performed during her "Kellyoke" segment. Previously the singer has covered Brandi Carlile's "The Story," Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance," Aretha Franklin's "Think," Reba McEntire's "Why Haven't I Heard From You" and Deana Carter's coming-of-age "Strawberry Wine."

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The "Kellyoke" segment of The Kelly Clarkson Show was an instant draw for audiences, even before the show premiered. Clarkson first previewed with a "cup of ambition," where the "Behind These Hazel Eyes" singer covered Dolly Parton's classic song "9 to 5." Fans will be elated to get more of Clarkson's electric performances the upcoming year, as the show was renewed for another season. To watch Clarkson perform "Something to Talk About," click above.

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