Kelly Clarkson had been rather quiet about her pending nuptials, but the 'Don't Rush' singer is now opening up about the ceremony -- which will likely take place toward the end of 2013.

"We're actually thinking the fall this year. We're thinking outside," Clarkson reveals of her preliminary wedding plans (quote via MjsBigBlog). "We are trying to make it small, but it's hard. I literally had a breakdown two weeks ago about the wedding list."

The pop-country singer seems genuinely happy about her walk down the aisle, but admittedly, she has her reservations about a large wedding. "I'm actually terrified at everyone watching me walk down the aisle," shares Clarkson. "That's like the worst thing ever."

One wedding specific Clarkson has already nailed down is her choice of entertainment at the reception. The Texas native has enlisted her friend, Blake Shelton, as the wedding singer for the big day.

"Blake is going to play at our reception," she spills. "We're very excited."

And if Shelton's star power isn't enough, Clarkson's future mother-in-law, Reba McEntire, has also offered her services for the reception. “And speaking of the engagement, since you are going to be my daughter-in-law, I’m singing at the wedding, right??” McEntire tweeted following Clarkson's engagement just before Christmas.

Clarkson didn't specifically address Shelton's current controversy regarding his remarks against country music traditionalists, but she does speak highly of the CMA Entertainer of the Year's general demeanor. "He always messes with people, but he's like the sweetest guy," Clarkson unveils. "He's just totally messing with people."

She adds, "I think he finds it humorous at how much people pay attention."

Clarkson avoided offering a specific date for her upcoming wedding, but with Shelton on board, the nuptials are sure to be one of the most-anticipated celebrity wedding ceremonies of 2013. Aside from planning the big day, Clarkson definitely has a full plate this year. She continues to promote 'Greatest Hits - Chapter One' -- her very first hits compilation -- which includes her most recent No. 1 pop single, 'Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You),' which is nominated for four Grammy awards.

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