Kevin Fowler has the solution for all the harried husbands in the world. In his new video for "Beach Please," Fowler gets away from a nagging wife and her endless "honey-do" lists in tropical style, hitting the beach down in Mexico solo to relax as he tells her exactly what she can do with her constant demands.

Fowler spends the duration of the clip drinking, hanging out on the beach and the water and even having some fun with the band in a local bar. The lyrics of the song play on the sassy title, which is a clever take on a phrase one might usually use to put someone in their place after they say something outrageous or silly.

"Beach, please / I'm up to my knees / In crystal blue water with a tropical breeze / Cooler full of cold Corona / Girl, now if you wanna / Find me, you know where I'll be / I'll be laying in a hammock 'tween some coconut trees / Don't wake me up from this dream / Beach, please," Fowler sings.

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The fun new summer song and video are a far cry from Fowler's previous most recent release. The Texas-based artist teamed with a number of other artists from the Lone Star State under the moniker of the Red Dirt Choir for a song and video titled "Faith in the Water," which raised money for the Rebuild Texas Fund after Hurricane Harvey.

"Beach Please" is currently available for streaming and download via all major digital music services.

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