Wednesday evening, July 5, San Augustine, Texas was ground zero for a manhunt of a fugitive who was considered armed and dangerous. The San Augustine County Sheriff's Office issued a statement on their Facebook Page advising residents to lock their doors and to be on the lookout for this alleged murderer.

Numerous law enforcement agencies joined in the hunt Wednesday night but called off the search late into the night and decided to wait until sunrise to resume. Then, early this morning, shortly after daybreak, the fugitive was sighted and later arrested.

Here is the paraphrased narrative of the events given by the San Augustine County Sheriff's Department:

On July 5, at approximately 4 pm, The Shreveport Police Department began an investigation at a crime scene involving Kenavlon Baker. Shreveport PD notified surrounding areas of Baker being involved with the aggravated kidnapping of a victim. Baker and the victim were believed to be in a dark Toyota that was stolen.

Shreveport PD then updated surrounding areas that based on evidence from the crime scene, it was assumed that the victim was deceased.  At approximately 8 p.m., officers with the Sabine County Sheriff's Department observed the vehicle in their county and tried to initiate a stop on the vehicle. The vehicle rapidly increased speeds and diverted into San Augustine County.

Officers with the San Augustine Police Department engaged in a high-speed pursuit of Baker with top speeds of nearly 120 MPH. Police were able to intercept the vehicle at which time Baker abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot in the southern section of San Augustine.

The San Augustine County Sheriff's Office located the vehicle and found the aggravated kidnapping victim deceased in the trunk of the car. An extensive search was launched which included multiple agencies such as the Texas Rangers, Nacogdoches County SO, Lufkin PD, Desoto Parish law enforcement, Shreveport PD, TDC, San Augustine PD and SO, and Texas DPS.

The search was discontinued at approximately 5 a.m. Then, around two hours later, several residents of San Augustine observed a man matching Baker's description. Law enforcement quickly responded to the calls at which time Baker was taken into custody without any further incidents.

San Augustine County Sheriff's Office
San Augustine County Sheriff's Office

Baker is currently held in the San Augustine County Jail awaiting extradition back to Louisiana for murder.

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