What do you get when you horse around after a couple cocktails? Well, that can lead to a lot of things. But when you are Lady Antebellum‘s Charles Kelley, you get a broken pinky finger.

Kelley revealed the origin of his injured appendage at a party being held in both his and songwriter Dallas Davidson’s honor at the Bound’ry in Nashville on Monday (Jan. 23). The party celebrated the massive success of Lady A’s ‘Just a Kiss’ and ‘We Owned the Night’ singles — and there was Kelley, the guest of honor, with a finger cast on his left hand, according to The Country Vibe.

Unfortunately, there was no “cool” story behind the accident other than Kelley being a big goof. He said he fractured his finger in the Bahamas with Davidson and some friends. He admitted, “I was just horsing around and I hit it on the side of a table. I’m an idiot.” Oh, Charles, you’re not an idiot. Clumsy, maybe. But an idiot? Nah!

He further elaborated, “As you can imagine, there were a couple cocktails involved … I’m a dainty musician.”

Damaged digit aside, Kelley also shared some exciting Lady A news. The group has already co-written several new songs with Davidson for the next Lady A album. Given the success of ‘Just a Kiss’ and ‘We Owned the Night,’ it makes sense the keep the partnership rolling. Kelley said, “I think Dallas is gonna be in Lady Antebellum’s life for a long time,” to which Davidson replied, “Or in the band, one of the two.”

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