Larry Gatlin is missing one Grammy Award. The legendary singer and leader of the Gatlin Brothers is on a mission to retrieve the award, which he says went missing some time ago. He only has one Grammy Award (despite being nominated for nine over his career), so fans can imagine he's serious about the prestigious trophy.

One thing, however: Gatlin says his award for Best Country Song in 1977 was stolen from the Gatlin Bros. Music City Grill in the Mall of America several decades ago. As he tells the Tennessean, it's a moral discussion at this point in time.

“In this charged, heated atmosphere of politics that we live in … where I believe that very little is viewed through the prism of what is true and what is right and wrong … I have a question for someone in America out there...You have Larry Gatlin’s Grammy for ‘Broken Lady’ for Song of the Year," he says. "It’s on your mantel or somewhere in your house. What do you tell people when they come over and ask you how you got Larry Gatlin’s Grammy?”

Gatlin says he won't seek revenge on anyone who wants to step forward with the stolen goods. “I’ll give you a written statement that I won’t prosecute you," he says. "You can just say you bought it at a pawn shop.”

Have any leads on the trophy? Email to hopefully help return it to its rightful owner...and pocket a reward, to boot!

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