Something wicked this way comes for Lee Ann Womack in the video for her new song, "All The Trouble."

The song finds Womack begging for relief from the endless challenges life sends her way, and the video matches that dark tone, opening with a shot of Womack sitting in a chair in the middle of a big, empty all-glass house, overlooking the city skyline at night. Womack proclaims she's in desperate need of a break from the pain as she dramatically sings to the camera all over the deserted house. With nothing but a few lamps and colored lightbulbs illuminating the space, Womack doesn't hide her grief as she makes her way around her home, pouring a glass of something strong every now and again.

The moody song shows off the grit in her voice as she fiercely makes a statement, singing, "Well it started with a dirt pile / And a couple drops of rain / Then the storm and the wind / And the thunder and the lightning came / Somebody give me shelter / I've had all I can take," as a gloomy guitar plays in the background.

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"All The Trouble" is featured on Womack's 2017 album, The Lonely, the Lonesome & the Gone. The album departs a bit from her traditional country sound and into the realm of Americana, with Womack using her home state of Texas as a source of inspiration to reflect the soul in her music.

"I love music that takes you somewhere, and when people listen to this music, I want them to be taken to a different place, so I hope that it does that," she tells Billboard about the album.

Womack is joining Alan Jackson for select dates on his 2018 Honky Tonk Highway Tour.

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