I haven't been this excited since I got to sleep in after 8am...and that was a long time ago.

Could a real, medical cure for baldness be on the horizon?  Now, I know that there are alternatives to hair loss out there...hair replacement - can you say $$$$, toupees - yeah, that looks natural, and all kinds of shampoos and lotions that regrow some hair some of the time.

But, we're talking about a cure that looks to be effective a vast majority of the time.

Researchers at Pennsylvania University have identified the specific enzyme responsible for instructing follicles to stop growing hair.  You can get all the scientific details from an article in the Daily Telegraph, but the bottom line is this:  Researchers are already talking with various pharmaceutical labs about the possibility of having a tested and proven lotion on the market in 2 years.

Now, if they could invent something that would bring back my metabolism of 25 years ago.

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