Lindsay Ell's talent shines on her distinct John Mayer cover of "In Repair." The song is featured on Mayer's Continuum album, and earlier this year Ell released The Continuum Project, where she put her unique interpretation on Mayer's 2006 project.

What started as a homework assignment from Sugarland's Kristian Bush ahead of working on her debut album, The Project, is now available to the masses.

In a new six-minute video, Ell performs the sultry ballad while walking around Nashville. Trading off between an acoustic and electric, Ell's guitar skills soar on minute-long riffs as she puts her own spin on the Mayer classic.

Ell's smoky and soulful vocals are at the forefront of the track, as is her impressive guitar handiwork. Making her own version out of Mayer's song, Ell's voice gives new meaning to the introspective track. Singing of how she can't quite trust her heart, Ell's interpretation gives a distinct sadness not heard on the original.

“Recording Continuum was the thing that started it all," Ells explains in a press release. "Kristian [Bush] taught me some of the most valuable lessons as my producer from this ‘homework’ assignment. He gave me three rules: I needed to play all the instruments myself, I needed to record it alone in my studio, and I had two weeks. Through it all, I remembered all the things I first loved about making music."

When she's not writing or recording new music for herself, Ell is on the road. She's spent the majority of 2018 opening for Brad Paisley’s Weekend Warrior World Tour as well as Sugarland’s Still the Same Tour and Keith Urban's Graffiti U World Tour. She's set to kickoff her own headlining tour later this month.

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