Freezing rain caused a few issues yesterday, especially for the areas north of the Angelina River.  As of 5 this morning, skies are still overcast, however, temperatures, for the most part, are just above freezing and a big dose of sunshine is expected today. 

Today's forecast is looking for partly sunny skies and a high near 50.  As of now, no rain is in the forecast through next Tuesday.

There are number of schools in the area that are delaying starts this morning to better ensure that any icy patches on roadways are at a minimum.  Here's a listing of those schools broken down by counties -

Angelina county schools

Central - 10 a.m. (buses run 2 hours later)

Nacogdoches county schools

Martinsville - 10 a.m.

Nacogdoches - Starting 2 hours later

Chireno - 10 a.m.

Douglass - 10 a.m.

Central Heights - 10 a.m.

Woden - 10 a.m. (buses run 2.5 hours later, no breakfast served in cafeteria)

Etoile - 10 a.m.

Christ Episcopal - 10 a.m.

Cushing 10 a.m.

Garrison 10 a.m.

Regents Academy 10 a.m.

Cherokee County

Wells 10 a.m.

Shelby County

Tenaha 10 a.m. (buses at 9, staff report by 9:30)

Excelsior 10 a.m.

Houston County

Kennard 9 a.m.

Latexo 10 a.m.

Sabine County

Hemphill 10 a.m. (buses run at 8)

Rusk County

Laneville - 10 a.m.

Mt. Enterprise - 10 a.m.

Anderson County

Elkhart - 10 a.m. (buses 2 hours later)