Ask any dad and he will tell you that one of the rites of passage as a father is to let your young daughter or son use you as a canvas for their expressions of art. 

In other words, they draw on you.  This usually leads to some great pics of dad on social media outlets in which dear 'ol dad pretends to be very embarrassed, but, in truth, most fathers wear those photos as badges of being a great dad.

Just make sure you keep the Sharpies away from the kids...or for that matter, the tattoo gun.


According to a report, a dad in Florida decided to let his four-year-old daughter go solo on inking him up with a tattoo.  Yes, a real tattoo complete with a real tattoo needle.  The little girl got to do a test run with no needle attached to the tattoo gun, but on the 2nd go round, the needle was inserted and her dad's arm became the canvas.

Her choice of tattoo?  A strawberry.

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