Wednesday was Down Syndrome Awareness Day and people showed their support from all over. If you search #sweetsully on Instagram there are tons of pics from Down Syndrome Awareness Day. You'll see what the day has been all about.

Trisomy-Twenty One.  March 21st.  World Down Syndrome Day.  What a day it has been celebrating not only Sully but every person who rocks an extra chromosome!  The message is simple, people with Down syndrome are more alike than different!  Our family chooses to celebrate WDSD by selling what we affectionately call “Sully Shirts” and donate the proceeds to Ruby’s Rainbow, who provide college scholarships to adults with Down syndrome.  This year we sold over 1,100 shirts and donated $14,000 to Ruby’s Rainbow for the Sully Drake Family & Friends Scholarship.  We are truly overwhelmed by the support of this community and ‘thank you’ doesn’t seem adequate enough but THANK YOU!   Ruby’s Rainbow set a $150,000 goal for their two week campaign and they t hit the mark this afternoon!  That’s 30 college scholarships for our friends with Down syndrome.  Boom! ~ Rachel Drake

Yes, locally, the Drake family raised $14,000 to donate to Ruby's Rainbow. We call that a huge success. We are extremely proud, and happy at the thought of great kids getting to live their dreams and get the further education they deserve.

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