This past Saturday, the George H. Henderson Jr. Expo Center in Lufkin was full of youngsters representing numerous FFA and 4-H programs as they competed in the Lufkin FFA Back to School Showdown. Some 60 volunteers from the community helped organize and were on hand to help operate the event.  There were a total of 191 entries according to Kellye Marshall, Lufkin FFA Ag Science Teacher.

Several different classes of competition were held including lambs, goats, heifers and steers.  Showmanship awards were also given in each of the categories. Some of the top awards included Aaron Vance and Georgia Vance both from Garrison fro overall heifers. And, for overall steers, Kirbie Evans representing Livingston FFA and Cassie Nutt representing Center FFA.

A complete listing of all those receiving awards was not available as of yet, however, some of those are including in the photo gallery below.  If you notice any discrepancies in the pictures and their descriptions, feel free to contact us and let us know.  You may also submit photos from the event at our KICKS 105 App or at

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Proceeds from the Lufkin FFA Back to School Showdown are going to be used for the Lufkin FFA officer team.  They are raising money for a trip to the National FFA Convention in October. They raised over $9500 through entries, plus over $4000 in donations from sponsors.  Numerous sponsors made this event such a huge success (they are listed in the photo gallery below).  The top platinum sponsors were Advanced Financial, HG Consulting and Trent Ashby State Representative.


Lufkin FFA Showdown

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