The Lufkin Police Special Response Team arrested a suspected PCP dealer and two of his associates during an early Saturday morning drug raid.   

According to a Lufkin Police Department press release, the team entered 934 Walker Loop in the early morning hours to find Tukulve Frazier, 36, in bed with his girlfriend, Twonda Samuel, 31, and another woman, Clairinda Simmons, 38.  On the floor nearby, investigators found Frazier's pants, which contained a small Scope bottle of PCP. A further search of the room uncovered crack cocaine in Simmons' purse, additional empty Scope bottles with PCP residue and two stolen firearms hidden under the mattress.

Frazier also had a wad of cash in his pants pocket.   Frazier was charged with delivery of a controlled substance and theft of a firearm. He also had seven warrants. Samuel was charged with possession of a controlled substance, while Simmons was charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Lufkin Police Chief Gerald Williamson said the Department has seen PCP become a problem in the community over the past decade.

"Apparently people think it's fairly benign as it's often consumed in conjunction with marijuana but that’s just not the case. Those under the influence display bizarre and extremely dangerous behavior,” he said. “One particularly sad example is the individual who was stabbing another on Kurth Drive earlier this year and only stopped after being shot multiple times.”

Williamson said that the Department intends to crack down on the use and distribution of PCP.

To report drug activity in your neighborhood, call the Department’s non-emergency number at 936-6330356 or Crime Stoppers at 936-639-TIPS if you wish to remain anonymous.

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