I've been noticing quite a few posts on social media involving the '10 year challenge'. It's basically a comparison using images of how things have changed (or not) from ten years ago.  It's been popular on places like Facebook especially at the beginning of a new year.

In most cases, people post pictures of themselves to highlight the changes the past decade has brought them.  In some cases a few more gray hairs or a few more pounds are apparent.  In other cases a few may have taken a resolution to heart a few years ago and now they look outstanding.

I really like the creative memes that some folks have posted.  I especially like the one that compares eyesight from ten years ago versus the blurry eyesight of an older person. Obviously, this one is from three years ago.

Facebook Meme
Facebook Meme

Not only are people changing, but the world around us has changed quite a bit over the past ten years.  I'm talking about the landscape around us.  Take a drive through East Texas and you'll notice new businesses that have popped up in just the past year.

I thought it would be interesting to put our area to the 10 year challenge.  More specifically, I wanted to see some of the differences in Lufkin over the past decade.  So I started browsing through some of the Google Maps of the past 8 to 13 years and noticed a ton of differences from then and now.

Take a look at some of the BEFORE and NOW pictures that I have put together. I think the 10-year difference that strikes me the most is how a picturesque private home with trees has now become one of busiest restaurant parking lots in the area.


Lufkin, Texas - 10 Year Challenge

The 10-year challenge is getting quite the attention on social media. Let's take a look at how certain areas around Lufkin have changed over the past ten years or so.

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