Luke Combs' fiancee, Nicole Hocking, is standing up to the social media bodyshamers — but not her own. After some Twitter users got judge-y about her soon-to-be-husband's physique, Hocking warned them in a series of tweets.

"To everyone currently being less than pleasant to me on Twitter for dating a bigger guy," she wrote on Twitter on Monday (Oct. 7), sharing a joke Facebook Marketplace ad for "these hands": a pair of hands clenched into fists.

"Also grow up. It’s 2019. The double standard for this is absolutely disgusting," Hocking added in a second tweet.

Combs and Hocking got engaged in 2018 and have been together since 2016 ("I didn't have anything [career-wise] when we met," Combs tells People). She works for the music rights management organization BMI, and is a native of Fort Myers, Fla., and a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University.

Hocking has been a positive influence in Combs' life, both personally and professionally: She got him to give up chewing tobacco, and inspired his big hit "Beautiful Crazy."

"That got me some serious brownie points," Combs told ABC News in 2018 of writing the song for his future wife. "That was before we were officially dating."

Combs and Hocking have not shared much about their wedding plans, but they are already puppy parents together. In the spring, they adopted a dog named Jojo from Tennessee's Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue.

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