A horrible mix up has left two different families filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the City of Chicago and a Hospital, accusing them of negligence. A man died without his relatives knowing after another family turned off his life support.

Relatives of Elisha Brittman, say that he was misidentified as Alfonso Bennett. This all took place in Chicago during the month of April after Bennett was found unresponsive, naked, with some serious facial injuries that left him unrecognizable.

Bennett was listed as John Doe, meanwhile, his whole family was on a desperate search for him. A phone call was made to Mr Bennett’s family saying he had been identified through mugshots and that he was in the ICU. After no signs of improvement, the Bennet family agreed to have his ventilator taken out and their family member died several days later.

The family had just about every detail figured out for the funeral when Alfonso Bennett showed up at a family members house. Imagine planning your family members funeral and that person shows up?

Relatives of Elisha Brittman learned of his death after the mix up was brought to life and he was identified through fingerprints.


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