On Sunday morning (June 30), a news bomb dropped: Big Machine Label Group founder and CEO Scott Borchetta had sold the Nashville-based record label and its publishing arm, Big Machine Music, to celebrity talent manager Scooter Braun for upwards of $300 million. It was already big news — the purchase would make Braun, who manages, among others, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, an important player in Music City, after all — and then, Taylor Swift spoke up.

One of BMLG's very first signed artists, Swift and her superstar career helped put BMLG — which Borchetta founded in 2005 and had been looking to sell for a couple of years now — on the map. The fact that the label owns the master recordings for her incredibly successful first six studio albums made the sale especially major news, as it sets Braun up to profit from future sales of those albums. And Swift wasn't very happy about it. In a note to fans on her Tumblr page, Swift wrote that not only had she not been given the opportunity to purchase her masters from BMLG, but she also only learned about the label's sale to Braun when the news broke to the general public. The star also called Braun a bully, and accused him of harassing her via his clients.

Naturally, Swift's words made headlines, which then prompted Borchetta to respond with a blog of his own. While Braun himself has yet to make any public statements, his clients (and his wife) have come to his defense — just as other celebrities have done for Swift.

Frankly, it's gotten tough to keep straight, so we're breaking down everyone's comments in the photo gallery below. Want to know what's been said? Keep reading.

What Taylor Swift, Scott Borchetta + More Have Said About Scooter Braun Buying Big Machine: