There was a lot of dramatics at a youth baseball game at Morris Frank Park Thursday evening, unfortunately, much of that drama took place off the field and in the stands.

According to a Lufkin Police report, an officer arrested Hever Arambula, 23, after Arambula threatened to "whoop" the "(expletive)" of an off-duty officer at a children's baseball game at Morris Frank Park.

Arambula started cursing at his child's coach after the coach yelled at the child and told him to get back in the dugout. The off-duty officer, who was at the park to watch his own child play, told Arambula to leave, which is when Arambula began cursing the off-duty officer. The off-duty officer then identified himself as a policeman and again told Arambula to leave and walk to the parking lot. That is when Arambula told the off-duty officer he would "whoop" his "(expletive)."

The off-duty officer and another person detained Arambula until an on-duty officer arrived to take him to jail. He is charged with disorderly conduct and retaliation.

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