A barking dog that won't stop barking is an annoyance, to say the least.  If the dog belongs to a neighbor, most folks will just put up with the barking in the hopes that the dog will soon quiet down.

Roger Pelletier is not most folks.  The Portsmouth, New Hampshire native came to his wit's end and decided to take action against his neighbor's barking Shih Tzu.  According to a report, Pelletier broke into the house and subsequently starting choking the dog, named Oreo.  The dog's owner was actually home at the time which led to a confrontation with Pelletier. Oreo also confronted his attacker in the form of several bites.

The dog's owner was not injured and Oreo was taken to the vet for evaluation.  Pelletier was booked into jail and faces multiple charges at his upcoming arraignment.

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