According to a release from the Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office (NCSO), a suspect has been identified and arrested concerning the case in which a threat was made to the Cody Jinks concert that was scheduled on October 26th at the Nacogdoches County Civic Center.

On the morning of October 26, 2019, an employee with the Nacogdoches County Civic Center received an anonymous phone call from the suspect. The caller advised that he had planned on shooting several people at the concert later in the night. The Nacogdoches County Sheriff’s Office was notified of the threat and an investigation was immediately started.

Due to the technology that was used to make the phone call by the suspect, the call was not easily traceable. Sheriff Jason Bridges kept management staff with Cody Jinks up to date on the progress of the investigation. It was decided by the management staff to cancel the show due to the best interest and safety of the public.

Since that time, Investigators with NCSO have been working vigorously to identify the person that was responsible for making the phone call and to see what threat he posed to the public. Law enforcement has been treating this threat with the highest priority.

NCSO investigators identified a person of interest in this case recently after looking through thousands of pages of documents and obtaining evidence of who made the call. This morning investigators with NCSO obtained a full confession from the suspect and his motive for the threat.

The Nacogdoches County Sheriff’s Office is in the process of obtaining a warrant for the suspect’s arrest for a 3rd degree felony charge. The full identity of the suspect and motive for the phone call will possibly be released tomorrow, depending on other factors in this case.

The Nacogdoches County Sheriff’s Office can report that the suspect in this case, is in fact without a doubt the person who placed this phone call and is not a threat to the public.

The Cody Jinks concert has been rescheduled at the Nacogdoches County Civic Center for January 25, 2020.

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