There's a video of a guy getting bitten by a snake that has gone viral. Why? Because it bit him on the FACE! And, he wasn't even doing anything goofy to provoke it. He was simply opening a door. Check out the video:

He opened the door, and a snake launched out and bit him. And he STILL showed enough common sense to know that he needed to go to the hospital. Props to him.

If that had been me, I probably wouldn't have shown that common sense. First of all, I would've fallen backwards off the steps, cracked my head open, and probably just laid there. I'm not being morbid, I'm just being honest. And, if I survived all of that, I'd probably be taking a week's vacation, regardless of how hurt I really was.

So, what have we learned from all this? Well, we've learned that now, we need to watch out for snakes in places other than tall grass and plants. Now, we need to watch for them in door frames as well. We've also learned to add another item to the list of Mark's Fears. It includes heights, spiders, and - newly added - flying snakes...

Stay safe and observant, friends.

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