You hear it all the time, "the potholes here are the worst" I can't disagree with you there, however, have we ever seen a persons heart rate come back to normal after hitting a pothole? According to NBC 2, Gretna Rescue rushed to help a man who was at work when his heart started to race at a rapid rate. The 59-year-old man had no history of heart problems and his heart started beating at 200 beats per minute at a certain point. The first responders had a 20-minute drive from the man's workplace to the hospital. Somewhere along the ride, there was a pothole that the ambulance could not avoid. Instead of someone yelling "Clear" and making the heartbeat normal again, all that had to happen was the ambulance to hit a huge pothole. The man is expected to be released from the hospital very soon. Needless to say, we can save a lot of lives here in Etx by hitting potholes instead of avoiding them!

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