Mantispidae, known commonly as mantidflies are scary looking little insects that look like a cross between a wasp and a praying mantis.

The guy in this video is a braver soul than me, because if I had seen that sucker, I would have moved out of my house for a week and called in some sort of air strike on my yard. The mantidfly that he ran into seems friendly enough though. Maybe he just wanted some barbecue, and who can really blame him for that?

I guess you can't judge a book by its cover, since this little guy is kind of intriguing. The guy that took this video even records the mantidfly eating another insect at one point, so if you're squeamish  or about to eat lunch, maybe save this video for another time.

Video by Ed Kern

What sort of creepy crawlers do you have around your home, and what would you have done if you had come across this strange bug?