Maren Morris has long been active and vocal regarding the position of women in music—from her involvement with the all-female supergroup the Highwomen, to simply titling her latest album Girl. On Saturday (Dec. 28), she made a powerful feminist statement on Instagram that will resound with working women in all fields.

Morris, celebrating the newly announced pregnancy of her touring bassist Annie Clements, posted a shot on Instagram of herself and Clements showing off their baby bumps, and included a poignant message. After expressing to her bandmate all the joy for her great news, she added, "I know there are so many women who feel like they have to choose between being a touring musician + starting a family. I never wanted my people to choose. I think it’s a great conversation to have if you’re an artist who employs women."

Morris noted that she loves the fact that she and Clements will "experience this new-mom-on-the-road life together." Finishing off her post, she cheered, "Let’s shred for 90 minutes and then go rock these babes to sleep on the bus with a glass of wine."

Her post drew thousands of likes and comments, including one from Morgane Stapleton, who said simply, "This is amazing." Rising artist Hailey Whitters, who played several dates on Morris' 2019 Girl tour, marveled, "Mind blown every show y’all did the back bend thing while playing guitars in stilettos AND preggo."

Clements, a seasoned session musician who's also toured with Sugarland, among many others, noted on Instagram that she's due sometime in 2020 with a baby girl. Morris is expecting a son in the spring. "Rugrat tour 2020 is a dream come true," Clements enthused.


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