Corrigan is home to some wonderful people and great businesses.  It's home to the blue and white of the Corrigan-Camden Bulldogs.  Sometimes, it's also the home of some gnarly traffic jams at the intersection of Highway 59 and Highway 287.

I've got some good news and bad news for you concerning traffic congestion on Highway 59 through Corrigan:

The Good News - Construction will soon begin on the Corrigan Relief Route.  Once completed, this route will run west of Corrigan, bypassing Business 59 through the city.

The Bad News - Construction will soon begin on the Corrigan Relief Route. This means we will have a few years of added slowdowns, detours, and closures before we get to the end of this badly needed project.

Recently, Transportation Commissioners approved $172.8 million for Polk County, earmarked for the construction of the Corrigan Relief Route. James Construction Group LLC, Baton Rouge will serve as contractor for the project. The project will bring US 59 to interstate standards with construction of new US 59 northbound and southbound lanes with controlled access that will be constructed on the west side of Corrigan.

The 7-mile project will include overpasses at the United Pacific Railroad, US 287 and Union Springs Road; entrance and exit ramps will be added at US 59 tie-ins and at the US 287 overpass.

The latest project map, released by the Texas Department of Transportation (below), indicates the specifics of the new corridor.  The entrance/exit ramps on Highway 59 will be located approximately 3.4 miles north of US 287 (near Old Highway 35 North) and approximately 3.0 miles south of US 287 near Laurelia Loop.  The Relief Route will also go over HIghway 287 near Hooks Road.

Contributed Photo/TxDOT
Contributed Photo/TxDOT

The project will be built to promote public safety, improve emergency evacuations, and support freight transport. No timeline for completion has been set.

“Studies for this project began in the 1990s and since was identified as a top priority for development,” said Rhonda Oaks, public information officer. “We are excited to be able to begin this much-needed upgrade around Corrigan. Construction is scheduled to begin in mid to late summer.”

Motorists should stay alert for barricades and signage announcing new work zones.

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