There's a rule of thumb that's generally good to follow when interacting with other human beings, both famous and not: Do unto others ... well, you know the rest. Unfortunately, a Miley Cyrus fan in Barcelona doesn't seem to have heard it before.

On Monday morning (June 3), video of a somewhat-frightening encounter between Cyrus and a fan began making the rounds on social media. In the clip, which readers can see above, the singer and her husband, actor Liam Hemsworth, are leaving their hotel in Barcelona, Spain, amid a throng of admirers. Security guards did an admirable job of guarding the celebrity couple from the crush of people — but then, Grabby McGraberson somehow snuck through.

Billy Ray Cyrus Has No Time for Your Sh--!

Seriously, this guy's arm shoots out from the crowd and grabs Cyrus' hair like an octopus after its prey. When he doesn't get quite a good enough grasp on her hair, he goes for her shoulder. As if the whole situation couldn't get any more invasive, he then manages to get his arm around her neck, pull her his way and plant a kiss on her cheek. Frankly, he's just lucky Hemsworth, one of the security guards or Cyrus herself didn't up and slug him!

Cyrus and Hemsworth were in Barcelona for her headlining set at the Primavera Festival; she stepped in after rapper Cardi B dropped out at the last minute. Cyrus' show included the six new songs from her EP She Is Coming, the first of three 2019 releases that will, together, create a full album, She Is: Miley Cyrus. The second EP, She Is Here, is due out this summer, with She Is Everything expected by the end of the year.

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