Got your ballots for “Worst Mother Ever” ready to go?

You may want to add a write-in candidate: Eva Cameron, an Illinois woman who let her disabled 19-year-old daughter, Lynn, use the bathroom at a Tennessee bar and then simply drove away, abandoning her there.

“She said she just couldn’t handle her anymore,” said Assistant Police Chief Stephanie Smith in Caryville, Tenn.

Lynn, who has cerebral palsy and is severely disabled, wasn’t physically harmed but since she only has a vocabulary of about 30 words and had no ID, police didn’t know her name, address or phone number until an anonymous tipster led them to Cameron.

Worse yet? Because Lynn is an adult, her mother won’t face charges.

“As terrible as it is, unfortunately there is nothing we can do,” Smith said. “There is no doubt we need a law for mental health rights, but pending this investigation, we just don’t know what else to do.”

For her part, Cameron says she left her daughter in Tennessee because it has the “No. 1 health care system in the United States of America” and that she has another disabled child and was struggling to take care of both. She’s since returned to Tennessee and signed a document stating she wanted Lynn made a ward of the state.

Authorities say Lynn is “doing fantastic” and will be housed at a facility for adults and children with disabilities — which, we assume, will be far kinder to her than her mother was.

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