Last week in Waco Texas, a 48 -year-old man named Randall Hughes died from a gunshot wound he got after brandishing a knife in an H-E-B.  Randall allegedly attempted to steal $80 worth of barbecue brisket from the Waco H-E-B, and in doing so pulled a knife on an employee in an attempt to escape the scene.

You would think this was the most Texas-related crime of all time, and according to, there are more brisket related incidents all the time.

You can see the full article here, and it would be funny if it wasn't so frequent. Apparently folks see idiots get in trouble for trying to steal brisket and that gives them the idea to try and do it to.

There also may be a correlation with the rising prices of brisket and the increase in meat thievery.

Don't become another dumb Texas statistic ... Pay for your brisket folks!


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