Aren't we all suckers for limited-edition Halloween products? Mountain Dew isn't leaving all the spooky treats to just pastries, they wanted in and left many of us with perplexed tastebuds.

I tried the Mountain Dew  “VooDew” mystery flavor. It didn't taste like Pumpkin Spice, it tasted more of like a skittles flavor. I asked several friends what they thought the flavor could be. One friend agreed that it tasted like skittles, the other said it reminded them of the Airhead candy Mystery Flavor. Someone said it was blueberry flavors, another said their kid tasted a cherry slushie.


Now that Mountain Dew announced the mystery flavor I am disgusted. What did I allow myself to consume? How could I betray my body like this?

Yeah, CANDY FREAKING CORN. I am flabergasted right now.

Dear Mountain Dew,

Love, Everyone.

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