Burger King has this "Impossible Whopper" out for a limited time that is a burger where the patty has no meat. It is a plant based protein that has the look of grill marks. (More on this later)

I'm a grill guy. I love meat, and I personally would never switch to eating an all plant burger simply because ... while it may not be disgusting, I feel I'm robbing myself of the real flavor that comes with real meat.

I'm not saying I prefer the normal whopper either. The Whopper and Impossible version may taste similar, but I'm talking about the idea of plant vs. meat overall.

I can see this being a viable option for vegetarians since past plant based burgers have been lacking in the taste department. I personally don't think it tastes EXACTLY like the whopper like the advertisements suggest, but that's just my opinion.

Burger King franchises have no need for multiple broilers so they don't have a separate one for the plants. Oh and if I'm wrong about all this ... I suggest the vegetarians and vegans steer clear of Burger King.

At any rate, the Impossible Whopper is nothing I'd spit out, but it's also nothing I care to order again until my doctor says otherwise.

Have you tried the Impossible Whopper? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and follow Grill 105 to see where we'll be grilling for a better tasting burger at no cost.

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