No, the title isn't click-bait. The Nacogdoches Barnhill's location on North Street has, in fact, shut down. This took me by surprise. I had no idea about this change until I opened up Facebook this morning, and saw that lots of different friends of mine were posting about it.

But yes, it is true. The Nacogdoches Barnhill's is no more.

Apparently, Mr. Barnhill decided to retire. After having the business open for many years, he decided that it was time to close down the store. There was no negative reason for this, it was just time for a change.

However, even though Barnhill's has closed, we found out from the current landlords, Richard and Wendy Forrest,that there will be a new restaurant opening up in the location in January 2020. They haven't released any other details about this new restaurant, though. They want to keep it under wraps until it gets closer to opening time.

Mr. Forrest did mention that even though things are changing, he wishes Mr. Barnhill the best in his retirement. It will be different to see something new there, but we will miss Barnhill's. It's been at the North Street location since 1980. It was a Nacogdoches landmark.

They've already started doing some work on the building in preparation for the new restaurant, as you can see from the picture below:

Barnhill's Nacogdoches Construction

It will be different to drive by the building and not see the regular crowd eating at the buffet. But, I personally am rather excited and intrigued to see what's next for Nacogdoches.

What are your thoughts about this change? Are you excited about a new restaurant, too? What kind of restaurant do you think might be heading into Nacogdoches next? Let us know in the comment section below.

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