It's Heritage Festival Week in Nacogdoches.

The yearly event started in 1982 and features the Taste of Nacogdoches on Thursday in downtown Nacogdoches, plus the Coronation and Ball on Saturday night at the Fredonia Hotel.

Another tradition of Heritage Festival Week is the treasure hunt.  Somewhere in Nacogdoches, a prize is waiting to be won.  The prize is on public property and no digging is required to find it.  Clues are released daily this Wednesday through Friday to lead folks to the treasure.  We will update the clues here, plus we will let you know when the prize is found.


  • When the Spanish arrived, agua was muy importante
  • Without it, the padres would find life difficult
  • So when they built their mission it was between the two
  • But you should look to the east for what you want.


  • Our city is known as a Garden Capital, for our blooms are our pride
  • The turn of the century was appropriate for opening,
  • A place is more colorful than most, thanks to A.T, Dottie, and Ruby
  • A walk there will surely bring you peace, as well as helping you seek


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