It is very easy to find places that sell bags of ice in East Texas.  You've got grocery stores, convenience stores, and stand-alone ice dispensers. But, what if you hoping to find some dry ice to purchase? Then the search gets quite a bit harder.

A new company based in Deep East Texas now carries dry ice.  The strategic name of the business is (get ready for this) Dry Ice Near Me, LLC. They sell dry ice in pellet form as well as in blocks. They will deliver the dry ice to you. In fact, that's a free service for the next two months, and according to their owner, they can sell it to you much cheaper than most other places in East Texas.  They do accept credit and debit cards.

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Dry ice is the solid state of carbon dioxide (yes, I had to look that up). Dry ice will stay colder longer than liquid ice and instead of melting into a liquid state, the dry ice will transition into a gaseous state. That makes for very little to clean up once the dry ice is spent.

I know that dry ice is sometimes used in packing food and medical materials when they need to be transported.  I also know that dry ice is used for special effects devices such as fog machines.  But, I stumbled upon a website that educated me on many other uses of dry ice.

  • Dry ice stays colder for much longer than regular ice, so packing your cooler with dry ice when heading to the beach or lake, or going to the hunting lease or camping will keep your drinks and food 10 times colder for as long as 2 days
  • Dry ice can help your plants grow
  • It helps prevent hair loss in chemotherapy
  • Dry ice blasting as opposed to sandblasting has become the fastest growing use of dry ice
  • It acts as a great bait for mosquitos
  • Dry ice can be used to remove car dents

Now you know just a few of the amazing uses of dry ice, and now you know that it's available at Dry Ice Near Me, LLC.  They can be reached at 713-445-6911 or 713-213-2754 or at

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