Driving down South 1st Street in Lufkin on the way to work this pile of dirt is slowly becoming a car wash. This is where the old Exxon was beside JM Chevrolet.

We have a few car washes in Lufkin already, but I believe there are more in Nacogdoches. Not to be outdone Lufkin is getting another place to make your vehicle shiny.

It's not all about cosmetics; it's good practice to wash your car. Washing away the accumulated dirt will help keep your paint in good shape. Everyone loves a clean car.

TSM Lufkin - Dan Patrick
TSM Lufkin - Dan Patrick

Laser Wash? 

I like to wash my cars by hand. It's great exercise, and I think it's safer for the paint. This new place will likely not be that much different than the rest, but it will be better while it is new.

If the maintenance of this new place is kept up to date, it will always be a great car wash. If carwashes that touch your car don't change brushes when they should, it could lead to swirl marks.

If I do use a car wash, it's usually a hand-operated bay type. I also use automated, touchless car washes. They are less abrasive, but don't clean quite as well as the touch car washes.

We don't have any touchless, automated car washes in Lufkin that I know of. There was one on Frank in Lufkin, and now it's a baked potato restaurant.

Gas Stations To Car Washes

We also have a hand Car Wash that's turning into the second location of Skyline Burrito Bowl in Lufkin. This has become the norm.

Old gas stations turn into used car dealerships or a car wash. The car wash then becomes a vape store or donut shop. Tale as old as time in small-town America.

TSM Lufkin - Dan Patrick
TSM Lufkin - Dan Patrick

Skyline Burrito Bowl Gets 2nd Location

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