If you are into sports, then having a beer and watching the game is a priority. Starting On September 1st, things will get a little less restrictive in Texas.

I recently listened to a friend lament to me about this exact law. In Texas you can't buy beer on Sunday till after 12n.

He timed an Instacart delivery for exactly noon, because that order included beer and/or wine. The driver decided to go ahead and fill his order before noon, and guess what. That's right, no beer was delivered to his house that day.

It's just a two hour technicality that makes a big difference when you are ordering some suds in. Now Texas House Bill 1518 will let those purchases start at 10am on Sundays.

That same bill also has an amendment from the Senate that allows hotels to sell alcohol to hotel guests literally anytime they want it, no matter the time or the day.

During the pandemic there was an emergency executive order from Gov. Abbot to help restaurants, allowing them to sell alcohol to go. That was also extended recently with House Bill 1024.

There is no hope for two other bills that would have allowed liquor sales on Sunday. House Bill 2232 and Senate Bill 1013 are unlikely to become law anytime soon.

They were pending in committee back at the end of May. Baby steps, one at a time, is all that you can really do and not tick off your constituents.

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