We are now more than three months removed from the start of 2021, more than three months since a lot of folks made their New Year’s Resolutions.  Most resolutions fall under the heading of self-improvement in some form or the other.  Some of the more common ones are losing a few pounds, getting into better shape, eating healthier and to stop procrastinating.

According to research, 80% of resolutions are broken after the first few weeks of January 1, and only 8% of people can actually claim success in being steadfast with their resolutions.  The most common reason given by experts as to why resolutions are not kept is because of unrealistic expectations.


May I suggest a new form of resolution?  How about Easter Resolutions.  Instead of aiming for goals that make us look and feel better (which, of course, are laudable), how about goals that improve us spiritually…goals that improve our relationship with God.  It seems to me that Easter is the perfect time to make a resolution such as this.  This is the day that we reflect and celebrate the fact that Jesus took on the weight of all of our transgressions and sacrificed himself and rose on the third day, and showed that there is no greater power than the love of God.

Here are two Easter Resolutions that I’m really going to try to keep:

Number one – Set a daily appointment for quality time with God.

Make this the highest priority appointment of the day.  Many times, the Bible mentions giving God the ‘firstfruits’. So, don’t promise to have this daily conversation with God when time allows or whenever you get a break. Give God the ‘firstfruits’ of your time. It could be at any time of the day or night, as long as it’s an unbreakable appointment.  It could be 5, 10 or more minutes, just make sure that you find a way to have this conversation in silence and solitude.

Number two – Listen without an agenda or bias.

If you want to get the most out of your conversation with God, you must clear your mind of what you think is right or what you believe is the truth. In many instances, the rules and normalcies of society, government and just daily living has acted as a filter and clouded us from the truth. Open your heart and mind and let the Holy Spirit guide you.

I’m very guilty of getting so bogged down and busy with life and work that I take my relationship with God for granted.  I’m looking forward to these daily conversations with my Lord and Savior, and making these Easter Resolutions a tradition.

The calendar may not say January, but Happy Spiritual New Year to you.

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