We're down to the last few days before area schools let out for Christmas break.  You know what that means, right?

Representatives from KICKS 105 and Whataburger will soon be walking the halls of an area school ready to spring a surprise on an East Texas educator.

For the past several years, we've asked our listeners to go to our KICKS 105 website or our KICKS 105 App and nominate teachers to be recognized through our 'Teacher of the Day' Promotion. At the end of every semester, we pick one of those nominated educators to win a $1,000 classroom grant.  Then, we show up to the school and attracting as little attention as possible we present the teacher with the great news.

This is how it played out last time with our winning teacher from Pineywoods Community Academy, Rebecca LeBoulanger.

Even though we're getting to the last few days before schools start letting out, there is still time to nominate a teacher to get this $1,000 classroom grant.  Simply click here to nominate a teacher.  You can also click on 'teacher' on our KICKS 105 App.

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Let us know which teacher you are nominating, and then write down a few lines why they should be considered for the grant.  Even if that teacher is not chosen to get the prize for this semester their name stays in for consideration for the Spring semester presentation.  You are welcome to nominate many more than just one educator.

Here's a look at our previous nine winners of $1,000 classroom grants:


Teacher of the Day Winners as of Spring 2021

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