I don't know what the specific day will be, but there will be a day in April, May, or June of 2023 when there will be much rejoicing as we celebrate the end of the flyover project construction on Highway 59 on the south side of Nacogdoches.  But, for now, there is still plenty of work to be done, which comes with detours, delays, closures, and speed limit changes.

Some weeks ago, the speed limit on Highway 59 was lowered to 45 mph in much of that construction zone.  Slowing from 75, then to 60, then to 45 as you come into Nacogdoches can make it seem like your just crawling along.  For that reason, not many people slow down to even 55 mph until they get into the hotel district.  I know this because I tend to be one of the guilty parties who only slow to 55 and still, other motorists zoom past me.

For myself and all the other lead-footers, here's a bit of a warning from the Nacogdoches Police Department.  According to a release on their Facebook Page, the NPD is placing additional police resources in this area of Highway 59 South in order to slow traffic down.

This is all part of their 'Focused Traffic Enforcement Program'. The 45 mph speed limit is not just an arbitrary number.  It's the researched top speed that will help keep motorists and those working in the construction zone safe.

The overall goal is safety, and sometimes it takes writing a few citations to get that point across.  So, observe the warning signs, reduce your speed to the posted limits, and avoid the occasion of spending some of your hard-earned money on traffic violation fines.

Over the past several months, Jason Reina of Photography by JR has been giving us bird's-eye views of the progression of this construction area through drone footage.  Take a look at the latest video posted about two weeks ago.


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