The next drawing for the Lotto Texas jackpot will be worth $54 million. No one has won the big payout for this game since September which has caused the jackpot to bloom to its largest in 12 years.

Will this Saturday (March 18) be the lucky one for someone in Texas? This will be the 78th drawing for this current Lotto Texas run.

Do You Quick Pick?

Around 80% of lottery players go the quick pick route. It's fast and easy, and you have the same odds of winning as anyone else, no matter what numbers are chosen.

However, some players rely on lucky numbers that have some personal significance. I used to play 3-13-26-31-42-50 every time.  I can't even recall how I came up with that sequence, but I started opting for quick picks years ago.

Playing Hot Numbers and Numbers That Are Due

I'm not a math wiz, but I believe it's true that every number drawn has the same odds of being drawn no matter the past history of drawings. So, if 10 was drawn last Wednesday, it has the same chance as any other number of being drawn on the next go-round.

That being said, there is still an urge to select numbers that seem to be on a 'hot streak' or to go the opposite route and choose numbers that are 'due' to be selected.

So...if you are wanting to select the 'hottest numbers' for the next drawing you should go with 8-14-18-19-28-34

Here's Why

  • 14 (chosen 19 times in the past 104 drawings)
  • 19 (chosen 19 times in the past 104 drawings)
  • 34 (chosen 18 times in the past 104 drawings)
  • 18 (chosen 17 times in the past 104 drawings)
  • 8 (chosen 16 times in the past 104 drawings)
  • 14 (chosen 16 times in the past 104 drawings)
  • 4 (You could substitute this number with 8 or 14 since it has also been chosen 16 times in the past 104 drawings)

Or...if you'd like to choose the numbers that are overdue to hit you should choose 2-5-14-24-25-52.

Here's Why according to

  • 5 (last drawn 77 days ago)
  • 25 (last drawn 63 days ago)
  • 52 (last drawn 59 days ago)
  • 14 (last drawn 52 days ago, even though it was drawn quite a lot before this dry spell)
  • 24 (last drawn 52 days ago)
  • 2 (last drawn 47 days ago)
  • 46 (you could substitute this for 2 since they both haven't been drawn since Jan 30)

This is Not Scientific, Just Patterns

Keep in mind no matter which 6 numbers you choose, your odds of winning are 1 in 25,827,165. The previous number patterns are presented simply as interesting tidbits of information.

If you do responsibly and keep in mind it only takes one ticket to win...then you could afford something like this.

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