Ohio State Highway Patrol Officer Eric Devers is a hero.

Devers recently received a Certificate of Recognition after he saved the life of a trucker back in April.

John Depue's truck spun off the highway and down an embankment just outside the town of Sidney.

Devers arrived and spring into action, giving Depue CPR. He remained with Depue for 12 minutes before medical officials arrived. You can hear him on the video shouting, "Keep breathing. Don’t you die. Don’t you die on me. Come on." The Ohio State Highway Patrol posted the chilling dash cam video on its Facebook page.

Depue was taken to the hospital and has since recovered fully. He said he will be forever grateful to Devers. "How can you say 'thank you' for saving your life? I definitely think he was my angel that day."

As for the Certificate of Recognition, Devers took it all in stride., saying, "It's just very humbling. It was a good feeling just knowing he was going home to his friends, his family, his loved ones. That's why we do what we do."

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