The other day, I was thinking about all of the changes that have been made in Nacogdoches since I have been going through town (quite literally, my entire life). And there have been some pretty big ones.

But today, we're just going to focus on one part of Nacogdoches history.

Particularly, the one part where there once was an H-E-B grocery store in Nac. Now, some of you are probably sitting there thinking, "Geez, give the H-E-B thing a rest already." If that's you, don't worry. I'm not asking when H-E-B will make a grand re-appearance in Nacogdoches, or if it's really going to come back at all. I'm just reminiscing on what used to be.

Take a look at this picture from Google Maps:

Google Maps
Google Maps

Yes, that's a picture of Brookshire Brothers on University Drive in Nacogdoches. Believe it or not, that very building was once an H-E-B. You see, Brookshire Brothers was located just down the street, on a piece of land that is now the Walmart Neighborhood Market. H-E-B closed down, Brookshire Brothers moved into the building, and that was that.

When H-E-B left the building that you see above, it just went away. It didn't relocate to a different part of town, it left Nacogdoches for good. At the time, there weren't even rumors of a relocation or a re-opening at a later date. It just left. Will it come back? We'll see, but we're not getting into that now.

That's all for today's reminiscing about what used to be in Nac. Be sure to stay tuned for more look-backs and memories of how Nacogdoches has changed. If there's something you remember vividly...or even faintly...feel free to drop those in the comments below!

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