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Size Matters

Especially when it comes to Christmas trees and ceilings. Just a little while ago, our friends at Timberland Nursery in Lufkin delivered a beautiful flocked Christmas tree to our KICKS 105 Studios.

Just one thing. The tree is 8 feet tall (maybe even taller), and the ceiling in our lobby is about 7 feet high. I thought including a picture of me next to the tree would show how tall it is, but all I accomplished was to realize how old I am getting since it took me a few minutes to get back up.


How to Make it Fit

We thought about cutting about a foot and a half off the top of the tree, but that would make it a 'flat-top tree', and that's not very pretty. What about cutting a hole in the ceiling tile above the tree?  We found a keyhole saw, but our boss stopped us before we could start cutting.

Let's Give it Away

Since we couldn't come up with a good solution, we decided to let someone in East Texas get some good use out of it.

Through Thursday, December 1, fill out the form below to win our tree. We will announce a winner on the Merrell in the Morning Show on Friday, December 2.

Anyone can enter, but we prefer the Christmas tree end up at a location where plenty of folks will get to enjoy its beauty. So, someplace like a church, school, daycare, or high-traffic area will get extra consideration for the selection on Friday.

The person/place selected will be responsible for picking up the tree from the KICKS 105 Studios and taking it to its final destination.

Just fill out the form below.  Just a sentence or two in the description is plenty.



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